Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Key West - Laundry and more lessons for Rowan

The pelican feeding time is always popular with the kids
Hello everyone! We’re still in key west, 3 days in now. Everything’s fine and running. We were very efficient when it came to schoolwork. School got out at 1. My favorite subject was social studies. In social studies, we are making a map of Florida. Our map is cool because it covers modern and historical Florida. We’ve covered Flagler M Henry’s overseas railroad, we’ve colored in the places that the old Florida tribes lived, and even where some European colonist landed their ships when Europe was still exploring the new world. It just started raining :(, and you really expect there 2B no rain, what with the sunshine all day and stuff, but it still rains. At least it didn’t snow, especially talking to u folks up north. That was all. By!

The big ships are back in town after a year’s hiatus. 
It’s just wonderful to be in warm, sunny weather! Ann and Rowan had schoolwork to do so I did the laundry. The schoolwork takes up most of the day but we did get out for a walk in the afternoon to Mallory Square (before the sunset). Most of the familiar places are still here like BO’s Fishwagon, the Cuban Coffee Queen, Schooner Wharf, and others. Eventually, we’ll get a chance to walk down Duval Street and see what’s changed there. 

We have reserved our spot through 2023! That’s assuming there’s no major change in management. I don’t know if we’ll be going that long but at least we have the location if we do. I found out that Barry Cuda is back in town! He’s playing at BO’s Fishwagon on Saturday nights now. We will certainly go to listen to him!