Saturday, January 25, 2020

Tavernier - We leave Sunday

Rowan’s drawing of Hoolie, his art assignment today
Today was a pancake Saturday. It was a normal day, AGAIN (Note to self: stop using, “Again, another normal day,” for the blog). At least no schoolwork. We did have a sort of science class, where we Nana had some balloons she had been saving for god knows what. And lots of people know that when you let go of a full balloon, it  flies around and then falls to the ground. So Nana and I experimented with ways to make a LEGO car move using the balloons thrust. It did work, but a little after we had a problem with spit in the balloon. That was all today. Tomorrow we set sail for Marathon! Wohoho!

What. a great place to keep a boat!
It’s been a nice time here, very well protected no drama. I think we would like to make this a regular stop if we can get in. Rowan likes anything to do with Mars so we watched some videos about the next Mars rover and another one on how they plan to live on Mars. I think Rowan would be first in line to go there if offered. He definitely wants to be an astronaut. We had some balloons left over form his birthday and we made Lego cars with balloons attached to a straw for propulsion. After a few iterations with the straws being too narrow from wrapping the tape too tightly, we had success. The cars zipped right along over the table. 

The sunsets are getting nicer
On Sunday we’re headed to Marathon. The exit out of the channel will be about 10 feet to the red side of the channel. Last year we favored the green side and got stuck for almost two hours waiting for the tide to come in. It’s about 0.5 to 1.0 ft shallower on the green side. If the wether holds, we will make Key West on Monday, a day early! We will celebrate with Cuban Coffee Queen’s Cuban sandwiches.