Sunday, January 26, 2020

Marathon - at a dock at Marathon Marina

The Great Balloon Experiment - what happens when you connect two balloons together?
Today we traveled to Marathon! It was a rocky ride down, though. Most of the time I was on my tablet playing Minecraft and making things with redstone. When we docked, we took Hoolie out to do his biz.   Grandpa got us a reservation at LazyDays, so we’ll eat there tonight. Again, shortly after we docked, I made this bizarre machine with a short pipe and 2 balloons. You get the short pipe and stretch  the 1st balloon over it. Then blow up the 2nd balloon and stretch that over the opening (It isn’t as easy as it sounds, so you may want some help.). Then squeeze the larger balloon. The air from the larger one will transfer into the balloon that you did not blow up (Not that kind of blow up, the other type, where you blow into it.). That was all today. TOMORROW[[

A table with a view that can’t be beat
We finally had good weather arrive for traveling and we headed out for Marathon. At this time of the year, there are no moorings available. There is usually a waiting list to get a mooring and we only wanted to stay one day so we just took a dock. Even the docks are in very short supply. I had reserved one for two days a week in advance and when I told them I only needed it for one day, the second day was immediately taken, within a couple of minutes. They were turning people away as I was getting fuel. 

We took advantage of an excellent nearby restaurant, Lazy Days which overlooks Hawk Channel with a perfect view of the sunset. We had an outside table and watched the sun set and the moon and stars come out, what a great place! On Monday we head for Key West, finally! We will be there two months, a great place to spend quality time!