Monday, January 13, 2020

Hobe Sound - School day for Rowan

Dog duty on Fleetwing
Today we moved again, and now we are in Hobe Sound, anchored. It was a normal travel day, get up early (editor's note: well, by 9:00 am, not that early), start moving, go under a few drawbridges, stuff like that. After we anchored, we took Hoolie to a small stretch of beach to do his biz. Later, I got to take a swim in the water. I forgot to tell you yesterday that when Grandpa and I were going to take Hoolie out, I tried to get my life jacket out of a locker, but I opened it too soon, and Hoolie walked straight in. I had to pull him up with his collar. I also avoided my electronics the whole trip, and I was using, NOT PLAYING with my Lego's. I thought there would be more today, but there wasn't. That's all, folks.

Nothing like a little relaxation after a hard day of schooling on a boat (in 70-degree weather, swimming, ...)
It was a full day of school work for Rowan, he didn't mention that. We both took Hoolie to shore and he was about to do his business until he saw Rowan get out of the dinghy - "oh boy, someone to play with me." That was the end of that. I took Hoolie to shore at a drain tide tonight, he had to wade ashore for about 60 feet at least but he got the job done.

We are here in one of our favorite anchorages, it's in Hobe Sound by R38. It's just a quiet place for the night with beach access, it's all we ever want in an anchorage. It used to be deserted with us being the only boat but it has become more popular lately. Tonight there are five boats here but there's plenty of room. As usual for this area, the charts are wrong, there's more water than shown. We're at 7.5 MLLW with good holding.

On Tuesday, it's a trip to the Lantana anchorage and dinner with an old friend at the waterfront restaurant, the Old Key Lime House. They have a dinghy dock for water access. Ann is looking forward to a fish sandwich.


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Jealous about Lantana. While it has 'bad' memories as the location for an engine issue that cut short a Key West trip last year - we did enjoy being able to dink into Old Key Lime. Also gave us several days to learn how to 'live on the hook' during our first multi-day cruise.

Bob423 said...

Good memories! Love being on a boat!