Monday, April 1, 2019

Titusville - Cool Monday

There's a reason for the bars, he can bite!
Well, it was 85 yesterday but only 70 today. Perhaps it's still too early to go north? Usually this time of the year, we're just now leaving Key West headed to Marathon. Being in Titusville, we have a huge head start so we don't have to move until the middle of the month to be in sync with our previous trips home.

Ethanol free gas is routinely available here
That schedule also coincides with our kids arriving next week for their week in the sun, escaping from the frozen north. We will have visitors on Tuesday from Ann's college days in Maine. Dick and Barb will drop by for some catching up during lunch, it ought to be fun.

The weather at least seems to have settled down and should be nice for our kid's visits. We just heard a few minutes ago that it was 25F at home, ugh!