Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Kilkenny Marina - at a dock

Those amazing, long horizontal branches - you'd think they would break 
Crescent River is a great anchorage. There's lots of room and it has a nearby sandy beach for Hoolie. It's away from city lights so the night sky is something to behold. There are stars right down to the horizon, not a common sight anymore. There was only one other boat with us, a sailboat.

We didn't have any shallows today, just a few places where you had to watch what you were doing. My track is available for download which avoids the hazards. We just went to Kilkenny for the night and we're the only ones here. We like to stop here since it's an easy place to refuel.

A swing by the marina office, just for relaxing
This area used to be a plantation and they have enormous live oaks all around. To someone who grew up in the midwest, they look very strange. The limbs grow horizontally, more so than on any other type of tree. They were prized in colonial times for their strength in building boats. The wood is not suitable for furniture due to the confused grain that swirls. The structure adds strength and the wood was used for critical parts of early wooden warships. These trees survived the harvest. They are called "live oaks" since they do not lose their leaves in the winter time.

We will go through Hell Gate Wednesday and stay at Isle of Hope for two days to provision and do boat work. They have a courtesy car which we'll use for grocery shopping, convenient.


Fred Brillo said...

Those Live Oaks are very resilient to the hurricane winds. They have deep roots and strong flexible limbs that grow in a way that lets the wind pass through.

In my neighborhood, they were the only trees that didnt blow over or break major limbs in when the last hurricane passed nearby South Florida.

Safe Travels! See you next year.