Sunday, April 14, 2019

Titusville - The front arrives, barnacles on dinghy

Florida storms can get windy with lots and lots of rain
Today was the hottest day of the week and it signaled that a cool front as coming through with the associated storms. It arrived with wind and rain but it only lasted an hour or so and now it's 11 degrees cooler at 80, still pretty warm.

The dinghy has been sitting in the warm waters of the marina now for almost five months. I could see some growth on the side so I thought I ought to take it ashore and scrape the bottom. There is a convenient boat ramp nearby and I rowed over. When I finally got the dinghy upturned, I was amazed (and dismayed) at the amount of growth. It looked like a derelict boat that had been in the water for several years. There were not just barnacles but also marine growth resembling coral fans. It was terrible! I had a scraper with me that I broke in the first minute, no dice.  I removed the soft growth and called it a day. I'll try again later with a stronger scraper. I never had such a problem before with the same dinghy paint?!

When leaving, we have to back towards the shore with lots of rocks. I think it's
 pretty deep right up to the edge but I've never tested that - I don't intend to try Monday
We plan on setting out on Monday before 8:00 am and hope to reach Bethune Park in Daytona. We've used the anchorage before and it has the prerequisite shore access for Hoolie. The fall shallow spots have all been dredged so it should be an easy trip. 


SV Puffin said...

Have a safe trip up North. Let us know how Rockhouse creek is looking as you pass by. We will either head there or to Ft. Pierce in May. I had the dinghy in for a few months last year and had the same problem with the barnacles. I had to use diluted Muriatic (pool) acid to get the rings off. I have some anti-fouling paint that I will try this year. We'll miss your daily reports from the marina.
Take care!