Monday, April 8, 2019

Titusville - We visit the Kennedy Space Center

The real Atlantic space shuttle
One absolutely must visit area when you're here is the Kennedy Space Center. I've been there twice and I went again today with the kids. It's an all-day affair so we arrived shortly after 9:00 am, a good time to see some of the exhibits that are usually very crowded, like the shuttle simulation ride.

What tires on the shuttle, why Michelin
The site funded privately, no taxpayer dollars go into the design and maintenance of the exhibits. The first thing that strikes you is how fresh everything looks. The area is spotless, well organized, the attendants are courteous, and everything works - no out of order exhibits.

Mind boggling big, the Saturn V rocket used to go to the moon
The star attraction in my book is the Atlantis shuttle. It's the real shuttle, not a replica. They do a dynamite lead-in to the display, complete with an intro, music, and a rising curtain in sync with the music. Stunning. The first thing that struck me was how big it is. I was expecting something smaller - it's huge!

A rock sample from the moon!
They have a bunch of interactive displays (landing a shuttle, operating the robotic arm, etc.) Then you move on the simulation of riding the shuttle itself which is hard to describe except to say it's impressive.

The entry fee includes a bus ride to the Saturn V rocket which is hung overhead in the arena. Again, it's much bigger than I had ever imagined. There a chance that Rowan, our youngest grandson, will do south with us next year from Titusville to Key West (or perhaps the year after that) and the Kennedy Space Center will certainly be a stop for that trip!