Thursday, April 18, 2019

Jacksonville Free Docks - Sisters Creek

Substantial docks!
It was another easy day going north but that is not going to last. A rain front is due through on Friday so we sought out a secure stay for another day and settled on the Jacksonville Free Docks off of Sisters Creek. The docks are floating concrete and very substantial.

On the way, I used the Bob423 route for the exit of Pablo Creek into the St Johns River and found it to be deep and wide. One additional green buoy has been added to prevent you front taking a direct route between greens to the north and south of the new buoy, G5A. The route was perfect but with G5A in place, you could just follow the buoys and be fine too. When I ran the route in the fall, G5A was not there and I ran into a shoal by taking a direct route between the greens.

Almost a full moon, big tides and currents!
We arrived at the Jacksonville Free Docks by 1:00 pm and found a spot. Two powerboats came by later and wanted to tie up too but there was no room at first. However, by moving Fleetwing forward enough, it created enough room for a 50 ft boat behind us. Coming in to occupy that spot was not simple. Both the current and wind was pushing a boat wanting that slip off the dock. It took about six tried before they finally made a successful docking.

Now we are here for the next two days since Friday is predicted to be all rain with high winds, not good for being out on the ICW!