Sunday, April 7, 2019

Titusville - Recovery day

Six hours of watching robotics competitions
Today was recovery day after a long day of traveling. The girls and Philip were deeply involved in the robotics competition from their school in Hartford, CT. It's a fabulous series of events where the students design, make and compete in robots that they design to meet the requirements of upcoming competition. Each year they design new robots from scratch and compete against several hundred other robots designed by other students. The competitions are held at the school, local, and state level and even go on to the national level. It's an amazing process and details can be found at NE First Robots. 

Philip, who's on the team from Hartford where his daughters attend, watched the event live over a broadcast from the competition area, about six hours of TV time. We were able to stream it over WiFi with your unlimited Verizon plan. I never knew such competitions existed until Philip got involved.

Excuse me but we always watch the sunset
I think Monday is a day at the Kennedy Space Center. The Falcon Heavy launch is still due for Tuesday and that's not a day for travel anywhere near here. The last Falcon Heavy launch attracted 100,000 people and the roads were jammed, nobody moved for hours. So we will explore the space center before the crowds on Tuesday.