Thursday, April 25, 2019

Windmill Harbour on Hilton Head - at a dock

The South Carolina Yacht Club
We were packed in at Isle of Hope with not a lot of room to spare so we did our backing maneuver with a fender at the aft and a line tied from the aft cleat to the dock. Ann put Fleetrwing into reverse and the bow swung out nicely with the fender protecting the aft section. When the boat reached 30 degrees out, Ann put Fleetwing into forward and I let go of the line around the cleat. We left in style, no drama. This is a routine procedure, everyone on the ICW should know how to do it. It was another perfect day but the rains come Friday which caused us to head for Windmill Harbour for a layover day.

Lunch with the Commodore and friends 
We had lunch at the South Carolina Yacht Club with Jack Wuensch, the Commodore, and his guests. The lunch was very nice and the company was great. The yacht club is a first class club, the type of place that epitomizes what a yacht club should be. We are completely protected from all winds so we will be comfortable no matter what happens Friday.

Phil and Michelle for wine at 5:00
Phil and Michelle came over for wine at 5:00 and we chatted back and forth on our sailing experiences. You meet the nicest people along the waterway.


wjs said...

Bob, you may already know that naval tradition considers the maritime flagpole with a gaff to represent the mizzen mast of a sailing ship heading out to sea. That's why the ensign is flown from the gaff rather than the truck of the mast (pole). So following that tradition the marine flagpole is supposed to be set with the gaff pointing to the rear, or towards the land. I hope you took the opportunity of having lunch with the Commodore to point out that their flagpole is backwards. (-:


Jack Wuensch said...
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