Thursday, April 4, 2019

Titusville - Labor of Hercules

One of the attractions of the Titusville Marina is the nearby park complete with a dog park.
In order to get ready for our kids visit on Saturday, I had to clean out the aft cabin. As anyone who has ever had a boar with two cabins and only two crew knows - that aft cabin is so handy in putting stuff away and yet still have it near. We started out with good intentions with a relatively bare aft cabin but as the days went by, the aft cabin beckoned with all the unused space. Whereupon, we succumbed and gave in to the temptation of endless storage. Now the rubber has hit the road, so to speak and we have to clear it out. That resulted in today's activity. What you do not want to ask is where it all went...

We get a better view of the sunset after we moved to the other side of "A" dock.
We heard today that they are expecting an extra 100,000 visitors for the Falcon Heavy launch on Sunday. We never expected that! We are close enough to just walk to a good viewing area. The latest news is that the launch will be delayed since the rocket did not make the required test firing today. Hopefully, it will be sometime this week.

The kids are due to arrive Saturday so we'll spend another day getting ready.