Monday, April 22, 2019

Crescent river - At anchor

It's a beautiful sight for a boater - a dredge in Jekyll Creek!
We went through lots of shallows today. Jekyll was less of a problem than I expected with MLLW depths of 6.5 ft before dredging. The dredge was by G11 but had not done much yet. I spoke to the captain and he related that they will work down to G20, about halfway to the southern bridge and then out to the northern entrance. We passed on the side with the black diamonds and within the red floating balls.

Hoolie looks longingly at his nightly beach time
Nothing had been done anywhere north of there so I followed my routes had loaded into GPX Routes and did fine although the depths dipped to 4.5 MLLW in places in Mud River. We had a 7 ft tide so it was no problem for us. The best water, such as it is, was very narrow!

In the background, you can see one of the many hammocks in the area.
There is only one other boat here tonight. We expected to see more boat traffic on such a beautiful day for traveling north, light winds and temps in the 70's - it will be a repeat on Tuesday and then it gets even warmer.

We have reservations at Kilkenny Tuesday night which will stage us for Hell Gate. We plan on going through with a 2 ft tide which ought to be enough, we hope.