Sunday, April 28, 2019

Charleston Maritime Center - at a dock

You see a lot of these birdhouses for purple martins in the south,
they specialize in eating mosquitoes per their legend
Today we came through Fenwich Cit, Watts Cut, Dawho River, and Johns Island. All had been dredged in the past 12 months but some of them have already filled halfway in. The ICW never rests as far as shoaling does. In Fenwich Cut and Watts Cut, about half of the dredging removed was back in the channel. I'll give a full report on the Facebook page and in Waterway Guide. All of those areas have very loose type mud and it moves around. Evidently, digging a channel through loose mud doesn't last long. I produced and uploaded a route to get through all these trouble spots that are available for download.

So you wondered what's at the bottom of all those
crab pots? That's some anchor!
One of the sticky wickets along this route is the Wappoo Creek bridge which has the most convoluted opening schedule of any bridge on the ICW. You'll have to read it three times before it makes sense. However, on weekends, it's another story - it opens on demand, easy to understand. So with this being Sunday, we had no problems getting through.

Taken through the dodger, who had the right of way? They were zooming all over the place.
The Charleston Maritime Center is my favorite marina in Charleston. It's only three blocks from downtown Charleston and two blocks from a Harris Teeter supermarket, Ann's favorite food store. We will be here until Wednesday morning when we'll head north again. Meanwhile, Ann will explore all the shops in Charleston and I'll pay a visit to the Apple store to get my iPad Pro 12.9 fixed. It still keeps losing the gps fix which is terrible for a tablet that's supposed to replace a chartplotter!

He's actually on a hydrofoil!
The marina here is not full and is not very big. Perhaps the word has not gotten out that's it's an excellent value. The downside is the exposure to southeast winds which can cause a rocky time in the harbor but we don't mind, we like the pluses.