Thursday, April 11, 2019

Titusville - Airboat ride, Falcon Heavy launch, Webinar

Our airboat ride
It was a busy day today. We started off with an airboat ride just out of town on route 50 at Midway. At the store, they have parrots, snakes, and a pet pig. The real attraction is airboat which requires almost no water and they just fly. In one spot there were dozens of alligators, too many to count. After the ride was over, we were taken to the alligator farm where we could hold a small alligator in our arms! They are heavy! But they are surprisingly soft.

These Florida alligators are huge!
Then it was time to watch for the Falcon Heavy launch at 6:35 and today it left right on time! They successfully landed all three rocket cores this time: two on land and one on the ocean ship. It was a clear day and we watch the launch from Titusville Marina at the end of our dock. There was a sonic boom as the returning two rockets to land at Kennedy broke the sound barrier on their way down.

That small alligator is heavier than it looks! But the skin is soft.
Lastly, I hosted a Webinar with Ed Tillett attended by over 500 people on the ICW. It appeared to be a success and the recording of the Webinar will be posted to the web with a link at a later date. All in all, a very busy day, I'm beat.
Falcon Heavy, up, up and away!


wjs said...

HI Bob,

I caught your ICW presentation last night and thought it went pretty well. I had my iPad set up to show on the TV thinking that there was going to be live video, but the slides and audio came through perfectly, and was sufficient. Maybe next time you can include video of Hoolie helping watch for alligators. Congratulations on your show.

Bill S.