Friday, April 19, 2019

Jacksonville Free Docks - More boats, more rain and wind

It was a day for ducks!
We moved two more boats around to snug them up (like in Coinjock) to make room on the dock. It was a group effort by all those on the dock to help out boaters looking for a safe place before the front came through. We are now full although we are not rafted up yet.

It's full at the inn...There's water on the docks now at both ends of the dock (white pipes)
The front was predicted by all weather services but even so, there were still boats looking for a dock minutes before the storm. Didn't they look at a forecast? We saw winds to 42 kts when the front finally hit early afternoon. Some hail was predicted but we didn't see any, thank goodness - I link my enclosure!

Note the 72 hour maximum stay rule
Ann baked our Easter dinner tonight since we'll be on the move for the next several days. So we had a ham with all the trimmings, very nice. I think it will be ham sandwiches and other ham dishes for a while.

And, a sunset!
On Saturday, we are headed for Jekyll Creek and the anchorage there. We will be arriving on a drain tide with a west wind. The creek ought to be just about dry with all that but we'll have a high tide for the morning departure the next day. We expect to see a dredge there too.