Sunday, March 31, 2019

Titusville - Things to Do

How about holding an alligator after a boat ride?
Our kids are due to arrive next Saturday so we thought we would look around the local area for attractions that might be of interest to them. Monday is already taken up with the scheduled launch of a Falcom Heavy. It's actually three Falcon rockets strapped together. Two are used as boosters and they break off and return to Kennedy and land vertically, quite a sight! The remaining first stage will be captured on a platform at sea.

Or, you could pet the store's hog?
I think they want to visit Disney World on Tuesday which leaves the rest of the week. Ann thought that a ride in an airboat might be fun so we scouted out the area and found one on route 50, nearby. Or, they could take a kayak tour which is up by the haulover bridge. Then, there's always the beach.

All that comes after the airboat ride!
It's an active group so we'll see what happened. As it appears now, we won't be heading north until 4/15, a Monday. That will at least give the dredgers a chance to clear things out some and also time for the weather to warm up more!