Saturday, April 27, 2019

B&B Seafood - at their dock with shrimp!

It's not much of a marina, only two slips - but oh the shrimp!
We went through Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff today. It had been dredged over the summer and I wanted to see how it was doing. I feared that it would return to its natural state - shoaled in. The dredged depth was to 12 feet MLLW but I only found 4.9 MLLW today, not encouraging at all for the future of dredging.

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day for traveling with temperatures in the 70's with light breezes. Our goal was to reach B&B Seafood. It only had room for two boats at most and the price is right at $25/night, flat rate no matter the size of the boat. All that is fine but the real attraction is their fresh caught shrimp. I called ahead to be sure that they set aside a pound for our dinner, which they did. They were selling out fast. Ann made a wonderful dinner with the shrimp, Sweet Chili Garlic Shrimp.   It was great!

It's a one counter store - but nice
We are due in Charleston on Sunday for the next three days. Ann wants to shop and I want to get my iPad Pro fixed (it's losing the gps fix). We also plan on eating out at Hymans one night. This trip north has really been relaxing with the great weather and no drama action. I could do this a long time!


Beth Tyler said...

Thanks for the Shrimp recipe!!! Going to have to try after I get back from Mayos!!

Rosie Phillips said...

Welcome to CHARLESTON! Glad that your trip north has been good. Note the Toogoodo Creek as you go by and enjoy your days in the city. Ann, stop by the galleries while there! Wish I was there to be with you all. We are still in Ft Pierce.
Rosie and Bruce
Summer Breeze
Studio 151 Fine Art Gallery, 175 Curch st
CHARLESTON Artist Guild Gallery, 160 East Bay St

Ted A said...

Thanks for the pic! Still in The Bahamas.