Friday, April 5, 2019

Titusville - D Day minus 1

I like the reflections off the water
The aft cabin has never looked better. We are ready for the invasion due Saturday afternoon. The weather has warmed up to Florida natural for this time of the year - about time! So where did all the stuff go? Why, into the starboard locker, it's packed solid. I wouldn't run the boat that way but for sitting on a dock for a week, it's fine.

There's even a Telse S in the parking lot here, an $80,000 car. It's been plugged in for the last week. 
The Falcon Heavy launch has slipped to Tuesday, April 9 at 6:36 pm. They did a successful test firing today and plan on a full launch four days later, which is pretty fast in itself. I wouldn't be surprised if that date slipped a day or two. It will be a sight to behold with the return of the twin boosters landing in sync at Kennedy.

I never tire of sunsets
We now have a new horn, 123 Db of power. A boat our size is supposed to have one with 120 Db output so now we're legal. There's nothing left to do except wait for the arrival of our crew from the frozen north country. I can still remember the sensation of stepping out of the plane that started out with temperatures in the '30s and landing when it's in the '80s. The feeling is surreal.