Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Titusville - Alligators

He was watching us!
We drove through Black Point Drive today and saw more alligators today than at any time in the past. I think the warm weather really got them moving. They were all in the water and seemed to like the warm weather, it was in the 80s again today. Other than the alligators, there wasn't a lot of wildlife. The spoonbill is long gone and the remaining birds were either all white or all black, not a lot of color.

Another one of about a dozen
The big news today was the scheduled launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket. It was scheduled for 6:38 pm and then it was delayed to 8:00 pm due to high-level winds. We just got the news a few moments ago that it was scrubbed for the day. It's due to no fault of the rocket, they just didn't want to chance the high-speed winds aloft. So now it's been delayed from Sunday to Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday and now to Thursday. If I were a betting man, I would bet much on Thursday either. The heavy lifter seems ready to go, they just need a weather window.

Tomorrow we're due to take an airboat ride which ought to be interesting and later that day at 7:00, I will host a Webinar with Ed Tillett of Waterway Guide in conjunction with Navionics. We'll talk about things to know before setting out on the ICW. Tune in if you can. Register here.