Friday, April 12, 2019

Titusville - All alone, Rendezvous, provisioning

We saw a circle of parachutes coming down this afternoon, here's one of them
I don't think I would want to do that...
The gang got off this morning at 6:15 am which must be a record of some sort. They wanted to get to Disney World as the gates opened at 9:00 after picking up another girl they knew along the way. We are now getting hourly updates on their progress through the Magic Kingdom via photos in Messenger. We went there years ago, it's a place for young ones. I think they are even staying for fireworks at 9:00 pm and then they'll shut the doors to the park on their way out. You've got to have stamina! 

Doug says hi, he's a former professional fisherman
We met the captain of the boat at the end of our dock, Doug on Rendezvous. It's a huge powerboat with all the conveniences of a home that includes a refrigerator just like you would have in a house, likewise for the stove and dishwasher (!) along with the washer and dryer. I think he said they carried 600 gallons of water. Our Fleetwing certainly looks rather modest compared to Rendezvous, but we'll keep what we have.

The bookend is always a sunset
Saturday will be a "putting the boat back in order" day in preparation for leaving on Monday to go north. It is time to move, the weather has turned hot. We're due for a high of 91 on Sunday!