Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Key West - We get a car and provision

This is Dog Beach - it's for the dogs to swim, the only one in Key West
Enterprise will pick you up at the marina to get your car, a great convenience. You just have to time your call since in Key West (not elsewhere) it takes 30 to 45 minutes for them to get to you. Then it was back to the boat to pick up Ann and off we went. We've given up on Publix in Key West, they are 50% higher on the items we care about ($2.50/lb for skinless chicken breasts at Winn Dixie vs $4.50/lb at Publix). The wine is a dollar cheaper too for the same brand and the rest of the items are along the same delta. Plus, Winn Dixie is a clean, modern store with the clerks actively looking to help (how original). They advertised their chicken breasts on sale a month ago but they've  been the same price for the last four weeks now. When you're cruising you pick up on these things.

We did our usual of dropping the bags of groceries through the hatch in the main cabin, it saves a trip around the cockpit and down the stairs. We'll do one last provisioning on the last Monday in the month before leaving on the 30th.

Typical outfit to attract attention in Key West - feeding pigeons?
Having the car we decided to just drive around some and saw the usual crazy outfits worn by some, mainly to attract attention and tips to take a photo. Getting back to the Bight, I looked for a parking place in the parking garage and once again it was full, every last slot - but then someone decided to leave at the last minute and I'm parked for the night. Usually there are cars roaming around the ramps looking for a spot. Parking is crazy in Key West.

View off our dock
There was a nice sunset though. Hoolie and I walked over to the beach for a better view but the photo from the dock was the best of all.