Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Key West - Humbled running and a pool table

Craig, Pat and Ann. A nice visit in the afternoon
I started running in the mornings in 1977. I would get up before dawn because that was the only time I could be sure of having free time, around 5:00 am and go out on the road and run. I would cover four to six miles at a pace of 8 minutes a mile. That was then. Now over the years the pace has lessened. It slipped to 9 to 10 minutes a mile about 10 years ago and then to 11 to 12 last year and now it's down to a pace I really don't want to measure. The most I can say is that on a good day I could pass walkers. However, that changed this morning! I was jogging along minding my own business when a young woman passed me doing a form of a power walk. Her arms were swinging, her legs were stepping out and she was definitely faster than me! Oh the ignominy of it all! Oh well, many things change when you get older. At least we're both getting out. We have the Fitbit bands and aim for 60 active minutes a day and 10,000 steps. I usuall exceed that and Ann just meets it. Key West is an excellent area for walking, it's flat and there are many side streets that are interesting to walk through, lots of flowers. We are certainly doing better here than back home in New York with time of the year.

The Brewery has pool tables! I don't know of anywhere else in Key West with full sized tables
Part of the fun of doing a blog is meeting people that stop by to say hello that keep up with the posts. Pat and Craig stopped by today to say hi. He noticed that the port over the forward heard was still not fixed, as mentioned in the blog. The parts are on order but they have not arrived yet. He also said hello to Hoolie. We chatted for over an hour, very nice.

The Brewery is a great addition to the docks, a place to eat with a view of the harbor
I discovered that the brewery at the end of the dock has pool tables! They are bigger than the typical ones you see in bars, they are regular tables. I picked up a cue and played for about an hour by myself. It's been about five years since I last played  but it comes back slowly. At one time I was in the top four or five at Ohio State University but that was a long time ago.

The weather continues to mellow and today was the typical Key West I remember with temps in the upper 70's and winds less than 15 kts. We'll take than and enjoy the next month here before moving north.


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