Sunday, March 13, 2016

Key West - Five outboard go fast boat, farmers' market

You always want to take advantage of fresh vegetables!
Well, what Ann had finally caught up with me. It's some form of a cold and the good news for Ann is that it's not allergies. Now I'm just waiting until it runs its course, not pleasant but doable. Meanwhile we walked over to the farmers' market next to Strunk's hardware store. Although there's lots of  booths selling wares and food, the main attraction for us is the booth from the local farm selling all kinds of vegetables and fruit.We can always get canned goods but getting fresh vegetables is usually hard to do. So now we have grapefruit, strawberries, lemons, zucchini and a few others. It's formally called the Artisan Market and they hold the event once per month.

It like being in an arboretum 
Along side the market were flowers as usual in Key West, just beautiful.

Why not six or seven?? Notice how the outside outboards are higher than the middle ones
On the way back we noticed a go fast boat parked by the walkway. Along about spring break time you can always see a fast boat that gives rides to college students. Thing one was powered by five outboards, I don't know the top speed but it's plenty fast for me.