Thursday, March 10, 2016

Key West - Reconstructing Caroline Street

Not pretty - the view down Caroline Street just above the marina
Apparently there's been a problem with storm drains from Caroline Street and the harbor. The city has been busy tearing up the sidewalks to install huge drains to the sea. This made Caroline Street a mess and added to the severe parking problem near the marina.They've put in the sidewalks already but now they are removing the street pavement en masse, there's nothing left of Caroline Street. The local businesses are not happy, they are suffering.

The view in the other direction towards BO's Fishwagon
We have to take huge detours around the area to find solid ground without mud, a mess. All this has not deterred the onslaught of the spring breakers, they are out in force this year. They mostly congregate over by the pool and listen to music that would bust your eardrums a 100 ft away, we hear it clearly from a quarter mile away.

All the construction on Caroline Street may be affecting Ann, she had a cough. The winds have been coming directly over the construction site for the last few days, all 20 to 30 kts of it. So today we stayed mostly inside with the filtered air conditioning on and Ann felt much better. When the winds subside, the conditions ought to improve, we hope. The temps reached 82 today, hot even for Key West this time of the year.