Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Key West - More wind, Yours and Mayan

A mask from Central America
The wind tunnel continues and is expected to be in force at least through Thursday and probably Friday too. Our peak gust today was 30 kts but it's warm at 78 for a high, not bad. We've transitioned on our walks from favoring the sunny side of the street to now walking on the shady side, it's hot in the full sun when you're sheltered from the impact of the high winds along the streets.

Yet another example from the store
Taking Hoolie along Duval Street tonight we could see the crowds getting thicker. Hoolie is constantly looking for food, it's all he knows how to do. So I tug him along as he dips his head for the latest morsel (he thinks). You would think we didn't feed him enough but then every dog probably thinks that.

Yours and Mayan on Elizabeth Street in Key West
On the way back to Fleetwing we stopped to admire the unique collections in Yours and Mayan. They import handmade items from Central America that they select themselves from trips to that region. You'll find jewelry and handbags, for example, that's won't be represented anywhere else. At the boat I found Ann had the sniffles, hopefully it's just the wind kicking up dust and not a cold, we'll see.