Friday, March 25, 2016

Key West - Enterprise, provisioning, Bliss and El Galeon at night

Not sure what the bird is but he was intent on looking for fish
I used up the last of my points for a free car today. You can get lots of points too if you rent a car for almost two months like we did in returning home for the holidays. I lost my internet cable connection since I had to return the equipment this morning. Now I'm back on Verizon wireless but it has a 10Gb limit for a month. We can watch a few shows but we have to pace ourselves.

Just great fish preparation
We wanted a "Goodbye Key West" dinner so we looked at all the ratings and chose Bliss. The inside is rather stark with wooden tables, no linen but the food was outstanding. Their signature dish is yellowtail snapper. As described on the menu, "Pan seared yellowtail snapper filet encrusted with a blend of Japanese bread crumbs, fresh herbs and a touch of parmesan cheese in a light cream caper sauce. Served with white rice and sautéed spinach" It was the best fish fillet I've ever had.

El Galeon at night
Coming back to the boat we saw El Galeon all lit up. They had lights shooting skyward illuminating the rigging, a stunning sight. Back at Fleetwing, we smelled them preparing dinner. The wind was just right to blow the aromas to the back of our boat. It was an odd combination of odors. They were cooking with wood to begin with but the spices were ones I was not familiar with. Meanwhile, we're still looking at leaving Monday and we hope to reach Marine Stadium in Miami by Wednesday, weather watching time.


Anonymous said...


We have enjoyed reading your posts from day-to-day and admire your ability to endure the nuttiness of Key West for so long. (Normally we can only stand it for a week or so, even at the Galleon where we're somewhat removed.)

Hopefully your trip north will be enjoyable and without incident. One of these days/trips, you might consider visiting the southwest coast of Florida, at least as far as Boca Grande. I think you might find it very interesting/enjoyable.

N'any case, fair well.

Scott'n Kitt
s/v HyLyte

Bob423 said...

Hi Scott and Kitt,

Good to hear from you. We've gotten nuttier with the years. For our first four years we only stayed a month, for the last two we've enjoyed two months - but I don't see a progression beyond that! Here's to good weather going north!