Friday, March 4, 2016

Key West - Dog Park, Boat from Poland and Barry Cuda

Plenty of room to run around at the dog park - and friends to play with too! Hoolie heaven.
There was an old lot by the power plant condos that was filled with old, parked boats and junk. They cleaned it out and made the area into a dog park. Almost nobody knows of the place yet, it's not advertised at all. There was talk of adding to the ferry parking lot but I'm glad they just let things be, Hoolie surely enjoyed the run today. Someone donated camp chairs so everyone was comfortable.

From Poland, crossed the Atlantic, note the small, yellow quarantine flag
When we returned to Fleetwing we found a new boat across from us, it was from Poland! I inquired and sure enough they sailed across the Atlantic and are now at Key West waiting to clear through customs. They weren't allow off the boat until customs came. They stood about a foot away from the dock and longingly stared at Key West. It's a wooden boat of an old fashioned design but looked very seaworthy.

Barry with his guest musician playing the bass violin
It's Friday night so naturally we walked over to see Barry Cuda at BO's Fishwagon. Tonight he had a bass violin and a drummer to accompany him on the piano. He just plays a fabulous piano and he never uses sheet music and he sings along too, he knows all the words - just amazing. We could listen to him for hours. As usual, the place was packed so we just stood in the doorway and enjoyed the show.