Saturday, March 5, 2016

Key West - Book fair at the library and the art fare

A better view of the boat from Poland
Along about this time in March is the book fair hosted by the local library. The hardcover books are $1 each so Ann always goes over to see if there's anything she wants. It's less than a 10 minute walk from the marina and Ann and I browsed the books. I didn't find anything but Ann picked up three books. We're careful with the hardcovers since there's limited space aboard Fleetwing which is one reason we're so fond of Amazon's Kindles, they don't take up any space and you're not limited by what the local library has to offer.

Great breakfast by Ann!
A walk back to the boat brought us to the Art Fair. It's not as big as the one hosted last week, it's about 1/2 the size and has mostly local artists. It's a tradition with Schooner Wharf and it's a festive atmosphere with bands playing all day.

The stone parrots
The Polish boat is still here after crossing the Atlantic. It's a wooden boat but seems very seaworthy. It's a mix of old and modern technology. I noticed that all the hatches were Lewmar like the ones we have on our Fleetwing. Inside I could see an array of laptops showing charts.

Getting ready for the sunset
Coming back to the boat we watched for the sunset which was nice tonight. People all over the marina were out taking photos of the event, me included. It was just a great, typical Key West day!
The final view