Monday, March 7, 2016

Key West - Sunset and Kelly's Hanger

Well, it's not Mallory Square but still nice
Nobody wants to hear about me doing taxes so I won't mention it. With that I have a riddle, how do you tell a local from a tourist? Answer: the local will be dressed for about 15 degrees colder than it actually is. If it's down to 70, he will have a light jacket on, if it's down to 65, then out comes the hoodie sweatshirt and long pants. For 60 degrees it's time to pull out the down filled parkas (I kid you not!) complete with hoods tightly pulled closed.

The Kelly here is as in Kelly McGillis in Top Gun. She owns a restaurant here and this shop
So I was walking Hoolie down the street wearing my windbreaker (it was 72  but blowing 15 kts! Kinda of chilly...) and three people stopped me asking for directions. I knew the names of the establishments they desired to visit and so I directed them accordingly.One even asked me if I was "local" (couldn't they see how I was dressed for the cool weather?)

We still haven't made it over to Mallory Square for the famous Key West sunset. We'll make it sometime before we leave, it's such a crowded place, especially now that spring breakers are starting to arrive. The peak times for them will be from next Saturday over the next two weeks. In the meantime we've admired the sunsets from Fleetwing.

I usually take the measure of Duval Street by taking Hoolie for his evening walk through that area. The crowds are definitely starting to thicken but haven't max'ed out yet, you can still move around for the moment. However, the spring winds of Key West have returned for the next four days, 20 to 30 kts out of the east with small craft advisories out Hawk Channel, oh well - we're fine here.


Fred Brillo said...

Go ahead....make fun of us locals being cold in 70 degree weather... but come back in August..see who suffers!


I really enjoy reading your posts...Keep them coming.

Bob423 said...

But I was wearing a wind breaker in 72 degree weather...... If you live down for any time, your blood also thins.