Sunday, March 20, 2016

Key West - Forward hatch fixed, rains come

We have a new neighbor, a huge, 129 ft powerboat from Australia. 
The new hatch I ordered from Beneteau had arrived a couple of days ago but it was too hot to install. Today was cloudy, perfect for deck work. As luck would have it, the replacement was identical to the old hatch. The lid was detachable so off it came from the old hatch and I removed the new lid and then just installed it on the old base already cemented in place on the deck roof. For once it was simple. That is rarely the case when working on a 12 year old boat! This time it worked for which I'm very grateful. I'll never get this simple an installation in the next 20 years! I've used up all my "simple installation chits".

For some reason, temporary tattoos have a large attraction in Key West
We're getting a change of weather. A cool front is coming from the north and we watched it approach on radar. The worst of the weather seemed to pass either north or south of us so we just endured with no problems. After it passed, I took Hoolie on his evening walk along Duval Street and the crowds have definitely thinned out after the spring breakers left. There is still a fair amount of people but not bumper to bumper as in the past.

We are in the last week now of our Key West stay so I have to get moving to get the boat ready for our cruise north. That includes changing the oil and filters, checking the impeller, having the bottom scrubbed and the zinc replaced, installing the hour meter and the list goes on. Key West was fun (and still is) but it's time to get ready for the trip north.