Monday, March 21, 2016

Key West - Kenny Chesney gives a free concert at Sloppy Joe's

One of two buses outside of Sloppy Joe's
We went out for our morning exercise and saw Duval Street blocked off. That was odd we thought so early in the morning. When we returned to the boat, Ann looked it up and found that Kenny Chesney was coming to Key West for a free concert at Sloppy Joe's in preparation for his summer tour.

They were all waiting to get in Sloppy Joe's, good luck
So I took a walk downtown later that day and sure enough, Kenny Chesney's buses were there and a crowd was waiting to get in even though the concert didn't start until 5:00 pm (it was 3:30 at the time). Sloppy Joe's is not very big and it was already packed. There was no way everyone was going to get inside. There was a faint hope of a line formed but they were all too late, every seat was taken and there wasn't even any standing room left. The most that could be done was to look in through the doors.

I finally got a telephoto shot from outside the bar over the heads of several fans
I came back later when Kenny was due to be on (after 5:00 pm) and was able to take a few photos from far away over the head of some of the fans. I don't know much about his music but everyone seemed to be having a great time. 

They were still going at it when I left around 7:30
We had our predicted high winds today with a peak gust of 35 kts! Most of the day it blew between 20 and 30 kts, all day long. Tuesday is due to be much calmer and we're scheduled for a bottom scraping to get ready for our move north next Wednesday. I did get the oil and filter changed after wrestling with the oil filter for a couple of hours to get it loose. One step at a time.