Monday, March 14, 2016

Key West - Sea Gull

He posed for Ann
Low of 76 and a high of 80, pretty regular now. In fact it's rather hot walking in town away from the sea breeze. We've both been laid up with a cold. Somehow we caught it from the northerners I guess so today was spent recovering.

Ann took a bunch of photos of a sea gull that was on the piling right next to the bost. I think she has in mind to do a painting but not until we both recover. On Thursday there's a "Circle Party" for St Patrick's Day. It's held in the traffic circle next to the Waterfront Brewery. Schooner Wharf is also having a party and we'll go to one or the other for corned beef and cabbage. Judging from our last dinner at Schooner Wharf I would expect they would do a good job.

Now we have a new mess, they are doing the rest of Caroline Street
It's that time of the year where we now do our afternoon walks to get maximum shade. In February the walks were in the sun, it's warming up down here.