Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Key West - Peter Lik, Pepe's and Mallory Square

The Peter Lik Gallery on Duval Stret
Ann wanted to take a walk down Duval Street to see more of the art shops so with a high of only 75, it was a good day for that adventure. We chanced upon an art gallery owned by Peter Lik. He's a photographer but he has his work printed in brilliant colors, quite stunning when seen full sized with bright lighting. Here's some examples: Ghost, Universe, Pele's Whisper. The art has won numerous awards and they typically sell for $3500 to $20,000 each. Several have sold for over $1,000,000. If you are ever in Key West, you ought to stop by his gallery on Duval Street, it's right next to Willie T's. 

Pepe's, like most restaurants in Key West, seem to grow up around trees
We had always wanted to eat at Pepe's which is right across from us on Caroline Street. We've been by the place 100's of times but never stopped in to eat. It was founded in 1907 so it has a long history in Key West. One of the best attractions is happy hour from 5:00 til 6:30 where you can get a freshly made magretta for $5 and it's actually pretty good. The specialize in oysters for appetizers but we're not big oyster fans so we passed and had another magretta(!)

Outdoor seating is the norm
They have a full menu of seafood and steaks but we just wanted a light dinner so we settled on the blackened fish sandwich with homemade coleslaw which satisfied nicely.

Not good color yet at Mallory Square - I'll keep looking
I had time to walk Hoolie over to Mallory Square which was packed as usual. Unfortunately, I didn't stay until the sunset, too crowded and it looked like lots of clouds close to the horizon anyway, maybe next time.