Saturday, March 31, 2012

Harbortown - Thunderstorms roll through all day long

After the storms...
We got up this morning and from past experience we looked at the weather forecast before doing anything else. What we saw was a series of storms headed right for us. The NOAA forecast for the day predicted thunderstorms all day long with no letup so we decided to stay at Harbortown another day and head for Fernandina on Sunday. We still plan on being at Hinckley's in Savannah on Wednesday.

Time for a Hoolie walk between storms
Sure enough, the storms marched in upon us and the last batch produced a severe thunderstorm warning. We counted ourselves fortunate that we chose to stay put, it's not nice being out on the narrow ICW in high winds, low visibility conditions. Besides, the mooring field at Fernandina is not protected very well from winds.

The dockmaster, Jim, loaded us a DVD to watch last night, Captain Ron - completely worthless but entertaining, perfect for a night on the dock. We are back in TV land so with just the antenna on the back of the boat that receives whatever is broadcast over the air, we get 50 channels now. Discount half due to either religious or Spanish influences and you still have a pretty good selection, all the major networks are represented. I'll watch NCAA basketball tonight, yeah Ohio State!