Monday, March 19, 2012

Palm Beach Yacht Center in Hypoluxo - Discovering what lies under the dinghy...

Yours truly paddling to haul out the dinghy for bottom scraping
I had the bottom of Fleetwing scraped by a diver in Key West but never thought of the dinghy. I had painted the bottom in June but the same conditions that fouled the bottom of Fleetwing was, of course, operating on the dinghy too. I paddled the dinghy over to the nearest dock and hauled it out. The bottom was amazing, covered by barnacles! I'm sure it was contributing to some of the overheating and a lot to poor fuel mileage. I scraped the bottom and was especially careful with the barnacles attached to the rubber part of the dinghy - I didn't want to cause a leak! It is far from pristine but it's a lot better than it was. It will be interesting on Tuesday just what improvement I see, if any, in the cruising speed and heating problem.

Joe Mastri and Ann Sherer - Goodbye Joe!
Today was provisioning day and we made the rounds with Joe Mastri, buying a rotisserie chicken for dinner and retiring to Joe's apartment for the rest of the afternoon. There are 830 apartment units with cooking facilities in Joe's complex and it's right on the ICW. No dogs are allowed but we snuck Hoolie in just the same. Returning to the boat, I filled the water tanks and we'll take on fuel Tuesday morning and we're ready to continue our trip north. The Hobe Sound anchorage is our next stop before proceeding to Vero Beach City Marina on Wednesday.