Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fernandina Harbor -At a mooring

Home for shrimp boats too
What a difference a day makes! Yesterday was all rain and thunder, today it's blue sky, 80's and dry. We are starting to get into shallow waters now as we get further north. So far it's not too bad but you have to carefully watch what you're doing and pay attention to Active Captain on which side of the ICW you need to be on to avoid coming to a halt as your keel greets Mother Earth. So today was just a preparatory day for the real shallow stuff on Tuesday and Wednesday where it appears we'll be at the spots with the least water just as low tide hits, fun, fun!

At least his anchor held...
We picked up a mooring at Fernandina and it's very calm, hardly any wind, peaceful. One reason we like Fernandina is that it's a great place to explore. There are lots of small shops and many restaurants although our favorite, a BBQ place, was not open today, a Sunday. So walk we did and found a Mexican restaurant, Pablos, with good margaritas and decent Mexican food.

At least it's paid for??

I'm still struggling with the high heat problem. Today the temperature gauge read normal but the IR temperature probe showed the engine running as hot as ever. Something seems to be wrong with the engine gauge along with everything else. Oh well, hope it all holds together until Savannah.