Friday, March 23, 2012

Vero Beach City Marina - We provision at Fresh Market

Live Oaks - so far, so good for allergies
You have a choice of two food markets at the first bus stop, Publix and Fresh Market. Both are excellent but with Publix offering a wider selection of products and Fresh Market offering more unique items. Today we chose Fresh Market since we didn't need a lot of groceries. As usual, we took the free bus service to the markets, a 15 minute ride away, shopped and took the free bus back to the marina. Vero is the only place we've seen free bus service. It's available to the entire area, several square miles, very handy.

Note the fenders for company that we hope never comes
Vero is also the only marina where you're asked to double up with another boat if they become full. We have a mooring by ourselves (so far!) but we have fenders out on our port side as asked in case more boats come in than there are moorings. In all the marinas we've been in, Vero is the only place where they have such a restriction. However, so far, there are still open moorings.

In Florida, in bloom

Ann is doing a lot better than last year so far. This is the place where she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance due to an allergy attack from the live oaks that are thick in the marina. We installed new screens that are so fine that they will filter out live oak pollen, the cause of the attack last year. They were special ordered over the internet. So far , so good.

We have another day here before leaving on Sunday. Saturday is laundry day, such fun...