Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vero Beach City Marina - Storms and rain

Lots of storm clouds around, this one's in the distance thankfully
Today was one of the few days we've had with storms. We had rain and even some thunder. Since it was in the forecast (for a change!) we elected to stay over another day at Vero before heading north on a better day Monday. We dodged storms and rain to take Hoolie on his trips for relief but we made it for the most part. We even made a dash to the fuel dock to take on water, fuel and a pump out. So now the only thing we need is for the weather to cooperate - which it is supposed to do for the next seven days.

Goodbye Live Oaks, at least at Vero Beach
Ann continues to do well with her allergies and we attribute part of that to the use of pollen screens in all the ports. We replaced the standard screens with no-seeums screening in the fall but the pollen screens are even finer in pitch. At one point we opened a port to close a hatch and we could see the pollen in the air that was highlighted by a sunbeam. Once closed with the pollen screen in place, there was no more pollen apparent. It certainly does help.

Goodbye Vero Beach!
On Monday we plan on an early start for our 47 mile trip to Cocoa Beach anchorage. We've been there before. It has a boat ramp for easy access for Hoolie and a large area for anchorage with protection from the north and west. We'll keep track of the engine temperature along the way, wonder what it will do Monday?