Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hobe Sound Anchorage - We wait out thunderstorms

The beach is only a few yards away from the boat
We had planned on getting to Vero Beach City Marina today but it started to rain in the morning and thunderstorms were predicted for the afternoon with continued high winds of 20 to 30 kts. Since we were in no rush, we decided to wait out the less than optimal weather and go on Thursday instead. So we mostly sat on the back of the boat and watched the world go by. By the way, the thunderstorms never materialized (of course!!) We have found that we have the power to control the weather by not going out when it's predicted to be bad - the bad never materializes unless we actually do go out, then it comes on in spades! Amazing but true.

However, at low tide Hoolie had to wade in about 50 ft
So we did a few boat chores (never ending...) and watched the scenery. We saw one guy fishing by walking about half-way out towards our boat (we are anchored in only 7 ft of water). We could almost have invited him aboard. A few other fishing boats came by but we were mostly by ourselves.

It's a nice area and we're all by ourselves
The high winds came but we never moved an inch, our anchor is well set. The winds have calmed now and we'll have a peaceful night for a good trip north on Thursday. Vero Beach is where they like to raft you to other boats if you're on a mooring. We had never stayed on a mooring there but we thought we'd give it a try this time. I told the marina that we would be running the genset twice a day so whoever is rafted with us ought to be informed of that in advance. They said they thought they could give us a mooring all to ourselves, we'll see.