Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Daytona - At anchor at twin fixed bridges

Daytona sunset - what's a blog without a sunset picture?
We started out around 8:30 and immediately found that we could now cruise at 7.4 kts under power where the previous day we could only average 6.8 kts at 2300 rpm! At 2500 rpm we got to 8.0 kts! A smooth bottom does wonders for cruising speed. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the work done by Pier 88 Diving Company. I later learned that it's not just one person but an association of divers that are located all across the country. I'm sold on them now.

Nice dog walking area
We had intended to overnight at Rockhouse Creek anchorage but we were making such good time and the weather was so good that we continued on to Daytona to anchor just below the twin bridges. It has the prerequisite public boat ramp for access to land for Hoolie relief and it's by the bridge so there's a no wake zone right by the anchorage, nice.

Hoolie landing area - we always look for public boat ramps

Getting rid of the barnacles did vastly improve the boat speed but it did nothing for the high heat problem. Feetwing is still running about 10C (18F) hotter than it should (or did in the past). There is something plugged up or partially clogged and we're still headed for Hinckley at Savannah for a fix. We're now looking at April 4th, a Wednesday for our arrival date at Hinckley. It would be nice to cruise without having to look at the temperature gauge every few minutes.