Monday, March 5, 2012

Key West - We Provision at last

Two pumpouts ready to go
Every row of moorings has a day scheduled for pump out, ours was today, Monday. When you sign in, you're asked to indicate on a drawing where the pump out valves are on your boat so it can be pumped out even if you're not aboard. There's no additional charge for the pump out, it's included in the mooring fee. When they put in the 200+ moorings a couple of years ago it was clear to everyone that anything other than total compliance to the non-discharge rule for the harbor would be disastrous given the confined area of the harbor and very limited current (drainage). One could get nasty with all sorts of inspections, harbormaster imposed locks, dyes in the head, etc. - but they chose the other route - just make it very easy to comply. Pump everyone out on a schedule at no charge, including those that anchor instead of taking a mooring. Several harbors on the ICW have come to Boot Key to learn their system and have copied it, even to using the exact same pump out boats (e.g., St Augustine).

I never saw a dog rest its chin all the time when begging
Our supplies were tending to the low side as the captain waited for the cook to recover. Well, today recovery was good enough for a trip to the nearby Publix about a mile down the road. First we had to negotiate the dinghy passage to the dock in 20 kt winds, it continues to blow. The dinghy is high enough that waves don't go over it but it pushes the waves outward and then the wind catches the tops and blows it back in your face. Somewhat wet, we reached the shore and called a taxi since we intended to buy enough to last a month. Good grocery stores within reach of a marina are not common on the ICW.

As usual, Publix was packed, I've never seen less than half the town in the store, it seems. Another call for the taxi and then the lugging everything to the dinghy for the ride back to the boat. It was dryer this time since we were going with the wind. So now we're all set, except for this wind. We got a respite today down to 15 but tonight and Tuesday it's back to 25 kts again. Oh well, someday...