Friday, March 9, 2012

Marathon - Planning for a Wednesday Takeoff

This is a kite! A bargain for $400
Any planning ahead is a tricky  business with the weather. We looked at all the forecasts from NOAA and grib plus several others and it appears that Wednesday will be a so-so day to exit Marathon, not perfect by a long shot but less bad than other days. We're going to need an 80 mile day to reach a safe harbor, much further than our usual 50 mile day to Rodriguez Key which is much too exposed for the wind direction predicted. All plans are still subject to change per the weather conditions.
Playgorund in the park. Note the absence of "dangerous" monkey bars, not to be found in any playgorund these days, sigh...

Meanwhile, I took the car back and it was wash day for the Fleetwing crew. There are 6 dryers and 6 washers at the marina, far too few for 220 boaters! It's a crap shoot whether there will be any empty machines or not. Also, the diesel needs an oil change. Such are the things that occupy cruisers.

On Saturday we're going to the Marathon Seafood Festival. It's held once a year but we left last year before the event. Thanks to the high winds, we'll not miss the event this year. It's located right next door to the marina in the Marathon sports park which has meticulously kept fields for baseball, basketball, Bocce, soccer, tennis, concerts - all of which are lit at night. The town must have spent a fortune on it. We'll give it a try Saturday.