Monday, March 26, 2012

Cocoa Ancorage - at anchor

We're anchored south of the bridge
We had a foul tide all the way north to the Cocoa anchorage just south of the bridge. Normally we do about 7.3 kts but the best we could make today was only 6.2 kts, very slow which made a long day longer. We got started at 8:30 and didn't drop anchor until 4:30. The engine temperature was no better, hovering around 90C (194F), about 10C too high compared to normal. It's not overheating but it is troubling. You're always looking at the gauge. Plus, it's overly sensitive to engine loading, even when charging, it drives the engine to 90C and when the charging cuts off, it drops to 80 to 82C which it never used to do (it was always 80 to 82C in the past regardless of charging or not). At any rate, we'll have the cooling system looked at when we dock at Hinckley in Savannah which now looks like March 4 since we lost a day at Vero.

The ever important Hoolie relief access spot
We're at Cocoa, the city on the ICW, not the beach. The Cocoa  bridge offers protection from the north and a boat ramp convenient for Hoolie relief, always important for us. There must be about a two dozen boats anchored with us, most heading north. We were early last year on the march north and didn't have much company, now there's many.

We decided to take an extra day and tuck into Titusville for a day. I want a diver to look at our bottom, we seem to be slower than we should be - perhaps more barnacles? The water was been very warm this year which produces a bumper crop of them.