Sunday, March 11, 2012

Marathon - Boat work

The cabana, a meeting place for the entire mooring field - nice to sit and relax
So I got out all the paraphernalia I needed for an oil change on the main diesel: the vacuum oil pump, the oil filter wrench, 2.5 gals of new oil, hose connecting the pump to the oil drain pipe on the engine, a 2.8 gal empty oil container for the used oil, plenty of rags and a few other odds and ends. Notice anything missing? After emptying the engine oil and removing the old oil filter, I looked for a replacement filter out of my stock - I had none!? After a fruitless discussion with myself that will remain undisclosed, I sulked and then put most of the stuff away. Of course, all this happened on a Sunday so all the parts departments of the marinas were closed today! Groan, any time over the past 6 weeks I could have ordered plenty of oil filters but of course I never thought of it then. So a lost day. Monday I start the search for an oil filter so we can still leave on Wednesday as we had planned.

Sunsets continue to please
Meanwhile, the genset has started cutting out again for no apparent reason (no overheat lights, no low oil pressure light). It seems to run for awhile and then decides to stop. At the moment, it's running again for who knows how long. On Monday it's another call to Panda technical support for their ideas on how to fix the problem (they also are not around on Sundays).

Except for those two items, it was a great day..... We're still watching the weather, it's our greatest past time. Wednesday still looks less worse than any other day so far, stay tuned.