Saturday, March 3, 2012

Marathon - Another Day, Another Sunset , and more recovery

Wine, a good meal, the beauty of nature...
The main office here has a neat way to supply ice. There's an automatic machine to dispense it and you can use either cash or your credit card. Since it requires no human operator, it's available 24 hours a day and at only $1.75 for 8 lbs, it's very reasonable.

Rather unique dinghy
Since Ann is feeling better, she prepared the 1 lb of scallops I bought yesterday, cooking Scallops Grenobloise out of Jacues Pepin's cookbook. The crew eats better when Ann feels better! We took a tour around the anchorage and found many of the same  boats here that we ran into in January, it's a popular place for long term cruisers. The place used to be rather notorious for boats that were labeled "derelicts". It's said that many such boats were left here long term at anchor and dragged all over the place, causing havoc with cruisers here for a short period. One such incident finished the derelict crowd, a hurricane that cleaned out the anchorage we're told, or most of it. With that, the city decided to take advantage of the situation and install moorings.

The moorings in Book Key harbor are not your normal block of concrete or stone or even mushrooms, they are helical rock anchors cemented into the seabed. Furthermore, they don't use anchor chain but rather shock absorbing line with an 18,000 lb tensile strength. They are built to take hurricane force winds. After all, if you happen to be in Book Key and a hurricane approached, where would you go? Some places I've been at would ask you to get off the mooring to protect the mooring - that's not practical here. So we feel rather secure but we have no intention of ever testing their design limits during a hurricane!

Hummm, the genset just stopped and the lights on the control panel are all off - that shouldn't happen... If the genset was turned off by one of the auto sensors (high temp, high exhaust), the lights would be on to indicate the problem. More troubleshooting on Sunday.