Friday, March 2, 2012

Marathon - Key Fisheries for fish

"I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, where are you guys at??"
My early view of Florida and the Keys especially was that it may be tolerable during the day but watch in the evening for the invading insects. However, having spent two years now in Florida during the winter months, I have yet to see my first mosquito! In fact, I haven't seen any insects except butterflies in one of the parks that was set up specially for them. I know from reading my history books that Florida was rampant with mosquitoes and sand fleas and other nasties but they are not present now per our experience from November through March. When we were in Key West last year, we did see one instance of spraying by helicopter but that was all. We saw no further evidence of mosquito control where we were at in Key West Bight Harbor or at Marathon. I know there must be some of it happening but it's not evident where we're at. At any rate, it's very nice to be able to sit out in the cockpit at night with no screens up and not be bothered by insects of any kind.

Key Fisheries fish market to the rescue for dinner!
Another nice feature of the Keys is the constant wind that always is present for a cooling effect. It was over 80 today but with the 10 to 15 kt winds, it was very comfortable in the cockpit and the temperature drops at night to around 70 which is fine for sleeping with the breeze coming through the hatch. However, once you get off the water, it does heat up as I found out when I walked down to the nearby Home Depot for supplies - hot, hot.

No harbor is complete without a sailing dinghy through the mooring field

We're watching the weather for a window but it doesn't look like there's one until sometime after next weekend. Ann continues to improve (thank goodness!) so where we're at is perfect for that. She takes the last of her antibiotics on Sunday and we're hoping for a great improvement as they work their way out of her system. Meanwhile, Hoolie is unaffected by all this, he's as exuberant as ever!