Friday, March 30, 2012

Harbortown - At a dock

Nice, protected marina - Harbortown
Harbor is just north of Jacksonville on the ICW. It a private community with condos and docks for the residents. However, they do rent out the docks for a small fee from Jim the dockmaster who then negotiates the fee from the dock owner. We asked for a $1/ft dock and got a dock suitable for a 50 ft boat. The marina is lower than the surrounding land and surrounded on two sides by four story condos so there is very good protection from winds. The electrical 30 amp line is free but there are no other facilities (no showers, no laundry, no baths, etc.) The docks themselves are floating concrete and very nice. If you call far enough in advance, Jim will usually be around to help you come in. There's a Fresh Market Supermarket about a 10 min walk down the adjacent road along with a small shopping center, it's a nice area.

Jim, the harormaster, new boat - guess the price...
Our trip was uneventful, a few shallow spots but nothing like we're going to see in Georgia and South Carolina. The engine temperature is still hovering around 90 C (194 F) but no higher, at least not yet. We plan on being in Fernandina on Saturday and Sunday and still wind up in Savannah on Wednesday. Thunderstorms are predicted for Saturday which could delay us, we'll see.