Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marathon - Last Day, hopefully

A really unique dinghy!
We were all ready to depart this morning when the weather forecast changed at 5:00 am. Now Wednesday is supposed to be the less worse day instead of Tuesday. Giving weather forecasts for 8 days is a joke. They can't even get a 24 hour forecast with any level of accuracy. So we will continue checking NOAA marine forecasts and grib tonight and at 5:00 am Wednesday morning. At anything less than terrible, we'll start out. We have a long way to go, about 80 miles to reach our anchorage at Elliot Key, an early start and late arrival. Normally we would stop over at Rodriguez Key at the 50 mile point but that's out of the question with the winds and waves blowing directly into the anchorage - there's no protection whatsoever from the northeast to east. Once again you can follow us as we (hopefully!) proceed west by clicking on "Last 24 Hours" at the left in the blog.

We celebrated our last day (hopefully!?) with a dinner at Key Fisheries and I now believe it's the best restaurant in Marathon that we've tried. The decor is very plain, typical beach shore picnic tables outside but the cooking is excellent and it's always crowded. They also have sushi prepared by a Japanese chef, the only Japanese person in the restaurant - also very good.

Goodbye Marathon
So here we are again, waiting for weather. We are finding the weather to be very fickled.