Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Titusville City Marina - We get scraped!

Ann with the divers
Leaving Cocoa bridge anchorage,  we were in a line of boats, all motoring. I saw a 40 ft Hunter slowing coming up from behind. I glanced at my speed on the GPS and saw 6.8 kts. Normally I cruise at 7.3 kts but perhaps there was current against me? My knotmeter wasn't working, fouled. The Hunter passed and that was when I knew I had a fouled bottom. In too years of cruising, I had never been passed while at 2300 rpm by another sailboat. I called ahead to Titusville for a diver to scrape the bottom. It was puzzling since I had already had the bottom cleaned the last week of February in Key West.

One of our divers
I called Pier 88 Diving Company and the divers appeared (two!) and proceeded to do the deed. The lead guy said the bottom was covered with barnacles and guided my hand to the aft section so I could feel them for myself - many and rough. No wonder I was slowed down. That brings to mind what the diver in Key West was doing for 1.5 hours under my boat? The scraping noise was very apparent today, not so apparent when we were in Key West. Some of the barnacles were at least 6 month old according to today's divers. The confirmation will come Wednesday when I continue my trip north. If I can now motor at my normal 7.3 kts, then the bottom was never really cleaned in Key West - the diver must have been "resting" under the boat! After all, how can you be sure the bottom is cleaned at the time of the cleaning? Especially when you're leaving the next day. I  believe the divers we had today, I heard the scraping sound (not so in Key West), I felt the barnacles before removal. I'll know for sure Wednesday.
The Manatees thought the divers came to play with them!

Titusville has an outstanding dog park, one of the few places along the ICW that Hoolie can run free and play with other dogs - which he did today. He ran and ran until completely exhausted, tongue hanging out, but apparently happy. We'll leave early Wednesday and either anchor at Rockhouse Creek or somewhere in Daytona, depending upon the weather.